Why they still fear Christmas!

Published in the December 25, 2009 issue of The Remnant

(An update of "Why they fear Christmas," from last January 31's issue of  The Remnant)

by Frank Rega, SFO


   During this Advent, let us remember in prayer all of the unborn little ones who will never live to see their first Christmas, and for the conversion of those who are permitting this to happen.  We should especially pray for the pro-abortion "Catholic" politicians and activists, such as Pelosi, Biden, and Sebelius, whose Michael Corleone Catholicism will not save their souls.  In the Godfather, Al Pacino's character Michael Corleone, during a solemn Baptism ceremony, professes his loyalty to Christ and renounces Satan, with all his pomps and all his works.  At the same time, Corleone's henchmen, acting upon his orders, are committing a series of brutal murders in organized crime's gang wars.

   In the real-life culture wars, Christophobia plays an integral part along with the crimes against the unborn, since a burgeoning, concerted attack is being waged on the Christmas season and the birthday of Jesus.  Just what are the "Happy Winterfest" folks afraid of? Is it because December 25th flies in the face of the entire secular New World Order agenda, with its anti-family, anti-traditional-marriage, anti-childbirth, and anti-God satanic program? 

   As we know, the grinches even hate the very word "Christmas," attempting to eliminate mention of it in the public square.  But the more they attack this Holy Day, the more we should promote it, since it is a Divine wedge uprooting their evil machinations.  It teaches us that the birth of a child is something joyful and wonderful, not a "punishment" as the president of the United States once contended *. 

  Our president has also stated on more than one occasion that the United States is no longer a Christian nation. This is religious indifferentism applied to politics.  It is a crude attempt at psychological manipulation, since people will tend to believe that this falsehood must be true, because the "president" himself has said it.  We may not be officially a Christian nation, but the great majority of our citizens still profess belief in Christ, and attend Christian places of worship.  Since Christ is God, this is the way it should be. 

   If we hold onto our Christian roots, and if true Catholics adhere to the Traditional Faith, we will undermine the agenda of the socialists, evolutionists, godless amoralists, and the abortionists' "organized crime" lobby, with their Corleone Catholics. Right now the grinches are still confined to being the counter-culture, in terms of numbers at least, but their goal is to bury Christian America.

   I believe one clue to this Christophobia to be found in the disturbing memo made available on the web by Randy Engel at her U.S. Coalition for Life site, www.uscl.info.  In this heinous 1969 memo from Planned Parenthood to the Population Council, numerous strategies for controlling world population growth are outlined. The current implementation of many of these proposed policies from forty years ago illustrates the power and influence of the Population Control machine.  For example, one of their nefarious schemes is to "encourage increased homosexuality."  Yes, your children are being exposed to this life style not because anyone really cares about some nebulous self-fulfillment or self-expression, but because rampant homosexuality will contribute to population reduction!

  Abortion, contraception, denigration of marriage, propagandizing women to abandon their homes and enter the workforce, control of  education, etc., it's all there in this 1969 blueprint, including compulsory sterilization and child-bearing limits.

  The celebration of the birthday of Jesus is the worst nightmare of the abortion / population control  lobby.  During this season, the birth of a male child is literally glorified throughout the land.  This event is presented as a time of great joy and happiness, with hymns and special church services commemorating it.  The grotto of Bethlehem becomes an archetype of the domestic hearth, with a husband and wife presenting their lovely new-born baby to warmly-welcomed visitors and strangers.  And to make matters worse for the population control Christophobics, the spouses are of opposite sexes! 

   And that is why they are still afraid of Christmas.   

  Following is the link to the above mentioned memo containing the deplorable agenda of the Population Control machine:

* http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2008/apr/08040105.html


Merry Christmas!



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