The Extraordinary Revelations to Luisa Piccarreta
on the Divine Will

by Frank Rega

The mystic and Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, received astonishing revelations from Our Lord over a period of many decades, and she transcribed them in thirty-six volumes, as well as in some devotional books.  The quantity of her output rivals that of St. Thomas Aquinas.  The purpose of these teachings is to bring people the sublime knowledge of the Divine Will of God and how to live in it.

Recently, the two Vatican theologians appointed to render a verdict on her work for the Congregation of the Causes of Saints have found that there is nothing contrary to the faith in her amazing writings. 

For today's Catholic, Luisa's revelations are extremely significant for a number of reasons:

Most importantly, they expand, explain and demonstrate how to perfectly fulfil the petition of the Lord's Prayer: "Thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

Just how important is the Will of God for us?  Matthew 7; 21:  "Not every one that saith to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven: but he that doth the will of my Father who is in heaven, he shall enter into the kingdom of heaven."

They are an antidote to the crisis in the Church today.  They bring an understanding of how and why one must pray for God's Kingdom to come, since Divine intervention and man's cooperation with His grace, are needed to bring about what Catholics hope for as the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Era of Peace.

They explain in detail what the Kingdom is. The Kingdom is the Divine Will of the Triune God - the Most Holy Trinity, living and reigning in men, in society, in nations, and all creation.  Jesus would not have asked us to pray for its coming unless this Kingdom was meant to be.

They support the Biblical account of creation instead of evolution.   Unfortunately many Christians are still under the spell of the theory of evolution, and that man was transformed gradually from lower animals. God created the world and the first humans directly by His Word, His Fiat, His Divine Will, and not by survival of the fittest and random mutations!  Her writings support the biblical timeline of about 6000 years since the creation of Adam and Eve.  They also state that the Creation never grows old, nor does it lose even a shadow of its beauty.

They support the concept of Original Sin.  A large number of Catholics, influenced by ecumenism with other religions, and by the universal salvation implicitly taught since Vatican II, no longer concern themselves with understanding Original Sin.

They teach how Adam had been a partaker of the Divine Will before the fall.   His life consisted in more than just doing the Will of God, he actually participated and lived in the Divine Will in an exalted fashion. But, Adam chose to follow his own will, departing from obedience to the Divine Will.

They illustrate the greatness of the Blessed Virgin Mary in a way superior to any other private revelation, including Ven. Agreda's The City of God.  The Blessed Virgin's gifts, interior life and sanctity are presented in depth, such that one can understand why all creatures combined cannot equal her.

They explain the eternal significance of Mary's "Fiat" - be it done to me according to Your Word.

They teach hard truths, such as not all are saved, and God does send chastisements.

For further information, and for the book that introduces her writings, 

Life of the Mystic Luisa Piccarreta 
Journeys in the Divine Will - the Early Years 

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 Controversial, bold and thought-provoking, the above book is available in print or Kindle format.



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