Something Missing in Medjugorje


by Frank M. Rega


Although warning of major chastisements for mankind's sins, in 30 years of public "messages" there is no specific condemnation at all of abortion, divorce, homosexuality or other grievous sins of our era.  Instead, 30 years of generalities.


     During the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections in the United States, the Catholic vote favored Mr. Barack Obama, in spite of the fact that his extreme pro-abortion stance is known to everyone on the planet.   To their credit, a great number of American bishops stood firm in their opposition to Mr. Obama’s views in favor of the killing of children in the womb and on letting them die if they had survived an abortion attempt.  One would also assume that even heaven would object to his views if such objections could be made known to us.  But in fact, we do have a direct connection with heaven according to a great many pilgrims who have made the trip to Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina.   There the Blessed Mother, according to them, has been communicating regularly since 1981 to a half-dozen visionaries.  

     One would reasonably expect that during the year leading up to an American presidential election, because of its importance not only for the world of politics but also for the fate of the unborn, this apparition from heaven would in her messages speak against the heinous crime of abortion.   Not only did candidate Obama promise to facilitate abortions by his support of FOCA, but as president he would be in a position to insure that the balance on the Supreme Court would remain anti-life should any openings arise.   

     By speaking out against abortion, the Medjugorje “Gospa” would certainly influence a great number of Catholic voters to reject the Democratic nominee and his platform.  Of the thirty or so million international pilgrims that have visited Medjugorje, it is quite reasonable to assume that there have been more than a million Americans.  In addition, there are countless others who sympathize with Medjugorje although they have never been there.  

     In order to determine exactly what “Our Lady of Medjugorje” said about the abortion issue, I went to the website of a major Medjugorje organization called the Medjugorje Web.  This site,, has a convenient concordance containing all words from the public messages given by the apparition from 1984 to the present. From March of 1984 until January of 1987, the public messages were given weekly, intended mainly for the parish.  From January 25, 1987 to the present the public messages have been occurring monthly, for the whole world.  This makes well over 400 public messages.

      In the Medjugorje Web, one must click on the ‘Concordance’ button, since using the search box will bring up other references in addition to the messages. Using the concordance on the Medjugorje Web for the word ‘abortion’ in these public messages, brings back a result of ZERO times that the word was even mentioned, from 1984 to 2014! What makes this quite amazing is that the visionaries are supposed to receive a total of ten secrets, some of which concern great chastisements about to befall humanity because of so much sinfulness in the world.  One would reasonably expect then that the “Gospa” would have constantly pointed out, over the years, the many sinful behaviours, such as abortion, that have to be remedied in order to lessen these chastisements.  

     Since the word ‘abortion’ brought no results, I next looked to see how many times ‘contraception’ was mentioned in all of these hundreds of messages.  Same result – ZERO.  Well, how about ‘pornography’ – nope, a ZERO again.   What about ‘homosexuality’ or ‘sodomy’ – ZERO.  What about ‘adultery’, ‘divorce’, ’fornication’, ‘drugs’ . . . all ZERO.    How about ‘murder’or ‘lust’ ZEROES again.  Surely the apparition has said something about ‘stealing’, ‘theft’, ‘idolatry’, ‘wrath’, ‘despair’ or ‘greed’ – every one of them a ZERO.   Wait, there is one exception – ‘pride’ resulted in one occurrence.  But upon reading it, the ‘pride’ referred to Satan, not to a sin of mankind.  

     And yet these apparitions are supposed to be ongoing communications and warnings from the Blessed Virgin Mary urging us to turn back from our sins or else face great chastisements.  The holocaust of legalized abortion is the defining crime and offense of our era against God, with millions upon millions of innocent victims. For this cause alone, God surely has in store for us a great chastisement.  But in the public messages delivered over the course of the past thirty years, we do not hear one peep about abortion from the “Madonna of Medjugorje.” This is the kind of silence one would expect from that other false Madonna.

      However, I don’t want to blatantly make accusations about Medjugorje, nor am I "against" those who believe in it. Therefore I note here my intention to respect whatever final decision the Roman Catholic Church reaches regarding these apparitions, although no Catholic is required to believe in any post-Biblical revelations. In fact, as a former supporter of the apparitions, I no longer consider that the Blessed Virgin Mary is the source of the phenomena at Medjugorje.  If interested, see for more information on this change of heart.

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