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What God is by Nature, Mary is by Grace is a compendium of the teachings on the Blessed Virgin Mary found in the pages of Luisa Piccarreta's Book of Heaven. The Book of Heaven is a 36 volume collection of her writings on the Divine Will, as revealed by the Lord and by His Mother. Learn the true meaning of Mary's Immaculate Conception, how she was tested by God, the inner life of Jesus within her womb, why she is Mediatrix and Co-Redemptrix, her sorrows, her universal Motherhood, her life in the Divine Will, how she is the terror of all Hell, why she is full of grace, the spiritual significance of her glorious Assumption into Heaven, and much much more!

This book is a detailed narrative report and description of over 250 dated entries about Mary contained in Luisa's opus. This is my fourth book on the writings of Luisa Piccarreta. The first three presented overviews of the first 21 volumes of her revelations. This book is more than an overview, and concentrates solely on teachings about the Blessed Virgin Mary's life on earth and in heaven as lived in the Divine Will. Luisa's writings reveal the hitherto unknown extent of the true greatness, height and sublimity of the life of the Mother of God.

This is a good faith sharing of my work on this very difficult and abstruse topic, based on the best available English translations of her work, and is not intended to be considered authorized, official, or definitive. Any eventual publication of a Church-approved English translation of her works should not affect the meaning or sense of the present book.

The source references to the entries from Luisa's 36 volume Book of Heaven are given after each use, and indicate the volume number and the date of the entry.

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Table of contents


A Prodigy of Grace, Beauty and Sanctity

Her Littleness

All Creation Celebrates Her Conception

Her Test

Daughter of the Light

The Divine Heiress

Mediatrix of all Graces

Nourishes the Good Acts of Creatures

Mother and Queen of the Divine Will

All Are Conceived in Her Heart

Excesses of the Divine Love

She Was Conceived in Everything

Her Birth

Hail Full of Grace!

The Two Kingdoms

Her Faithfulness

The Incarnation of Jesus

Jesus Living in the Womb of His Mother

The Nativity

Mary's Universal Motherhood


Bringing up Jesus

Truly Inseparable from Jesus

Mary and the Eucharist

Her Sorrowful Heart


Terror of all Hell

Her Sufferings and the Passion of Jesus

Her Assumption into Heaven

Her Life in the Divine Will - I

Her Life in the Divine Will - II



Learn about the Lives of Great Roman Catholics and Saints

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St. Francis of Assisi and the Conversion of the Muslims

Details his attempt to convert the Sultan of Egypt; includes a comprehensive biography of the saint.



Life of the Mystic Luisa Piccarreta

Journeys in the Divine Will - the Early Years


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Luisa Piccarreta received revelations about living in the Divine Will and on the perfect fulfillment of the Lord's Prayer: "Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven."


"That was perhaps one of the best writings on Luisa's life that I have ever read.  You are blessed with a real gift of writing . . . highly recommend it."  Robert Lozano, Editor of "The Divine Will Newsletter."

St. Padre Pio on Luisa: 
The world will be astounded at her greatness!”

Web page for this book on Luisa Piccarreta

Padre Pio and America

True stories of this great saint and the Americans who discovered him

Includes original interviews with many of the U.S. Soldiers who met him while serving in southern Italy during WWII.  Features an entire chapter on the miraculous appearance of the "Flying Monk" who waved off planes trying to bomb the city of San Giovanni Rotondo.

The Greatest Catholic President: Garcia Moreno of Ecuador

In an approved apparition, Our Blessed Lady foretold in 1599 that a truly Christian President of Ecuador would consecrate the nation to the Sacred Heart of her Son, and would be martyred on the square adjoining the convent of the Conceptionist Sisters.  The prophesy was fulfilled in 1875, when President Garcia Moreno was assassinated by Masons.  This prayer was found in his pocket: "My Saviour, Jesus Christ, give me greater love for Thee and profound humility, and teach me what I should do this day for Thy greater glory and service." 


Did you ever wonder how to pray the Rosary when it is not convenient to hold the beads?  And without having to count the Hail Marys?  While your hands are busy doing household or other chores?

**This book reveals the secret **

Also contains chapters on the history of the Rosary, Fatima and the Rosary, St. Padre Pio and the Rosary.  Shows the connection between the four mini-gospels and seven pillars of wisdom with the praying of the Rosary.  And, for those new to the Rosary, describes the traditional Rosary prayers and mysteries.  Complete with bibliography.


Praying the Rosary without the beads and without having to count the Hail Marys is not only possible, but some day might be necessary if we are forced to pray the Rosary in secret.  


By François De Ligny SJ

Edited by Frank Rega


Enjoy this 18th century biography of St. Peter, which draws upon scripture as well as upon ancient writings, including texts from the early Church Fathers. It was originally written in Latin by a French Jesuit and a prolific author, Fr. François De Ligny (1709-1789). I discovered a copy of this work translated into English by a Mrs. J. Sadlier, in a musty volume of Catholic writings printed in 1892. Fr. De Ligny's life of St. Peter was written over a century prior to that date.

Here is an opportunity to review your scriptural knowledge of the first pope, and to take a journey through the early history of the Church. Learn the real reason for St. Peter's coming to Rome, and why he might have later been exiled from the city. Learn why the “Babylon” the saint mentions in his First Epistle refers to Rome. Learn who was the first writer who dared to deny that St. Peter was ever at that city.

The author painstakingly proves, through ancient histories and the Church Fathers of the early centuries, that St. Peter's residence in the Eternal City cannot be refuted. Doubts about his presence there first arose in the 14th century; and in spite of the proofs contained in Fr. De Ligny's thoroughly researched work, controversy about St. Peter's residence in Rome persists to this day in some quarters.

Further Reading - Padre Pio; Luisa Piccarreta; Vatican II

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 I try to write my blog articles on topics and issues that will remain relevant with the passage of time.
       Collecting and publishing the best articles in print will  insure that they will always be available and easily referenced. Many of these original posts were chosen for “Best in Catholic Blogging” by EWTN's National Catholic Register.  Includes my acclaimed poem "The Holy Oil and Wine" which was originally published in 1969.

Table of Contents:


Padre Pio was not a rigid Traditionalist


A Catholic Militia Force?


The Holy Spirit at Mass


Padre Pio's Prayer for the Church


The Star of David is also Christian


The Holy Oil and Wine


How to Pray the “Secret Rosary”


How Many Sacrilegious Communions?


Emancipation Proclamation Hypocritical


Catholic Counter-Revolutionary


The “Catholic South” and Secession


An Example of Padre Pio's Mercy


Padre Pio's Christmas Meditation


Gospel to be Preached to the Jews First


The Lord Spoke to St. Francis


Our Crosses are Good, Come from God


The Four Mini-Gospels


A Mystic Prepares for Holy Communion


Did St. Paul rebuke St. Peter to his face?


Theology of Community of Believers


Effeminate Priests


Scientific interests not a Priest's concern


The Counter-Encyclical


Our Lord's Words to Luisa Piccarreta


Mystery the Day Elvis Presley Died


Seeking Converts is Solemn Nonsense?


When He Returns Will He find Faith? - 1


When He Returns Will He find Faith? - 2


Our Lord is Nailed to the Cross


Did St. Hildegard warn of today's crisis?


Magisterial teaching cannot be opposed


Who will be in Schism?


Theologian rebuts critics of Pope Francis


Meditating on Our Lord's Passion


The Church Flowed from Vatican II?


Our Lady of Good Success for our times


Padre Pio: Eight Children Ideal


St. Francis Supported the Crusades


Is Global Warming entirely man-made?


The Synod, Bishops, and Catholic Mind


Heretics Within the Church


Conversion in Reverse


Walk Cheerfully” - quotes of Padre Pio


Pope Innocent III proclaims a Crusade


A citizen's prayer to St. Michael


The Divine Indwelling in Mary


Separation of Church and State? Never!


Theologian upholds Piccarreta's works


Under the “spell” of the Mass


Walt Disney the man: pro-life


Serving the Holy Mass of Padre Pio


Padre Pio's “Humble” Holy Grail - I


Padre Pio's “Humble” Holy Grail - II


If your Eye causes you to sin . . .


St. Francis: Preach; use words if needed


Adam and Eve originally clothed in light


Padre Pio – Eight New Year's resolutions


What Would Mary Say?


Yogi Berra Time


Animals of Heaven


The White Indians


Prayer Before Mass


UFO conclusions


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